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Written By: grant on January 29, 2015 No Comment

Can’t beat NBC’s headline for this: Insects Wear Tiny Spacesuits, for Science:

Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) provide incredibly detailed images of biological specimens, but the instruments have not been able to image living organisms because of the powerful vacuum environment required.

But now, a team of researchers has developed a way to image mosquitoes and other […]

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Science Art: <i>Nest of the Honey-Wasp Attacked by Jaguar</i>, 1916

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From Marvels of Insect Life: A Popular Account of Structure and Habit, edited by Edward Step, found in the BioDiversity Library.

This is probably not exactly the book Dylan Thomas was thinking of (but it might have been) when he wrote about receiving gifts for Christmas including “books that told […]

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Science Art: <i>#11268</i> (Small, Unidentified Insect On the Exoskeletal Surface Of A Dragonfly)

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This is a strange bug from PHIL, the CDC’s Public Health Image Library. Not the kind of bug the CDC usually deals with… it’s an unidentified insect found, mysteriously enough, on the outside of an unidentified dragonfly. Sticking to an antenna, in fact.

As PHIL says, Though this arthropod was found […]

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Written By: grant on September 21, 2014 No Comment
Science Art: Sarcoptes scabiei,  from <i>Brockhaus’ Konversations-Lexikon</i>, 1892.

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They itch. They dig in and they itch.

These are the mites that cause scabies, the tiny tunnelers, burrowing into the skin and digesting as they go. If your German’s good, you can read more about them in Brockhaus’ Konversations-Lexikon yourself.

Or, you can rely on a more modern source.

Either […]

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Written By: grant on August 20, 2014 No Comment

A prehistoric worm with claws, says Live Science, has rewritten the origin story of crabs, spiders and mosquitos:

According to a new study of the creatures’ odd claws, Hallucigenia sparsa is the ancestor of modern-day velvet worms, which are strange, sluglike creatures with centipede-style legs.

The finding is surprising because it rewrites the evolutionary history of […]

Written By: grant on June 24, 2014 No Comment

SONG: “Colonies.” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Bees build mental maps to get home”, Nature, 2 Jun 2014, as used in the post “Bees know their way. As in they *know*. They remember.”

ABSTRACT: Bees. I’d been keeping them for the […]

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Nature reveals a truth with some odd implications about insects’ inner lives. Memory tests prove that bees are more thoughtful than we realize:

“The surprise comes for many people that such a tiny little brain is able to form such a rich memory described as a cognitive map,” says co-author Randolf Menzel, a neurobiologist […]

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Written By: grant on May 27, 2014 No Comment

When it comes to finding new information, The Independent reports, those crazy, criss-crossing paths that ants take are more efficient than Google at processing new information:

The joint Chinese-German study, which is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that while individual “scout” ants may seem “chaotic” in their movements, they are […]

Written By: grant on May 22, 2014 No Comment

Science Daily peeks into the mind of insects with new research that shows that fruit flies think before they act:

In experiments asking fruit flies to distinguish between ever closer concentrations of an odor, the researchers found that the flies don’t act instinctively or impulsively. Instead they appear to accumulate information before committing to […]

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