Gonorrhea is coming back.

14 March 2014 grant 0

The Verge is rolling out the red carpet to welcome back the clap: …[P]enicillin and various tetracyclines have all stopped working against the most prevalent […]

SONG: “Starts Beating”

23 December 2012 grant 0

SONG: “Starts Beating” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Scientists build a biological pacemaker by injecting a modified […]

Chimp retirement plan.

12 July 2012 grant 2

Nature echoes the call for the National Institutes of Health to create a humane retirement plan for their primate research assistants: Last December, a report […]

Parasites linked to suicides.

6 July 2012 grant 0

Scientific American’s “Science Sushi” blog rolls up some recent research connecting cat-parasite Toxoplasma gondii with human suicides: in Denmark, serum antibody levels for Toxoplasma gondii […]

Polio spreads.

18 October 2011 grant b 0

BBC says the disease, once thought practically eradicated, is now moving out into China from Pakistan: Polio has been found in China for the first […]

Measles rising.

26 May 2011 grant b 0

The aptly named PLoS blog “The Panic Virus” brings together a few disturbing strands of information about the anti-vaccination movement and the growing threat of […]

The Soul of the Zombie Ant.

13 May 2011 grant b 0

National Geographic has some creepy new insights into one of nature’s creepiest reproductive strategies. The zombie ants – insects whose brains have been hijacked by […]