Do not fear the super-spud.

21 September 2010 grant b 0

New Scientist is considerably cheerier about another transgenic thing coming out of the sub-continent – a new generation of high-protein potatoes: Subra Chakraborty and colleagues […]

Bacteria from the dead….

3 June 2010 grant b 0

National Geographic goes beyond the veil for a close look at the life-bringing secrets of resurrection bacteria: Using such clues, D. radiodurans can piece together […]

Mammoth blood lives again.

12 May 2010 grant b 0

Science magazine brings us a step closer to a Pleistocene Park by reporting on the creation of living mammoth blood: By inserting a 43,000-year-old woolly […]

Swap DNA with bugs.

3 May 2010 grant b 0

Feeling like you need more intimacy in your life? Science Daily reveals an alternative to finding that special person in your life. Nature provides a […]

Sushi superpowers.

12 April 2010 grant b 0

New Scientist hypes a pretty cool discovery about gene-swapping bacteria changing sushi-eaters’ digestion: Genes regularly shuttle between different bacteria, offering each other new traits such […]

Auroch returns.

12 February 2010 grant b 0

The Telegraph hails the promise of herds of elephant-sized cattle returning to Europe’s plains: Now Italian scientists are hoping to use genetic expertise and selective […]

The delinquent gene?

10 June 2009 grant b 0

I’m not sure what to make of PhysOrg’s declaration that scientist have isolated the gene that leads people to join gangs and perform acts of […]