Needed: a silent sea sanctuary.

12 January 2016 grant 0

Science Direct has a copy of the study recommending a soundproofed sanctuary for dolphins and other sonar-using marine life: Many marine organisms, from invertebrates to […]

SONG: “Jump, Jump, Jump.”

23 November 2015 grant 0

SONG: “Jump, Jump, Jump”. [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Fish and Adaptation: Mangrove Fish Jumps into Air in Warming Water”, Nature World News, 21 […]

SONG: “Kavachi”

24 July 2015 grant 0

SONG: “Kavachi”. [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE:Based on “Deep-Sea Cameras Reveal a ‘Sharkcano’”, National Geographic Explorers’ Journal, 9 July 2015, as used in the post as […]

Lionfish have reached Brazil.

29 April 2015 grant 0

Nature reports on a strikingly beautiful – and utterly destructive – invasive critter that’s swept across warm waters from Ft. Lauderdale to Venezuela: Lionfish have […]