Imaginary poisons.

14 May 2009 grant b 1

New Scientist examines the harmful health effects of the power of negative thinking: The placebo effect has an evil twin: the nocebo effect, in which […]

Breathe out.

7 May 2009 grant b 0

The MIT Technology Review (and other sources) have reported on a new technique that Canadian doctors devised for preparing lungs for transplants – or repairing […]

X for the Veterans!

10 March 2009 grant b 0 invites the military to join in the PLUR culture: Patriotism, Love, Unity and Respect. New research shows that if you really want to support […]

My Bionic Eye.

5 March 2009 grant b 0

BBC News tells the story of a blind man whose life has been changed by his bionic eye: Ron, who has not revealed his surname, […]

Herpes and Alzheimer’s

16 December 2008 grant b 0

Science Daily reveals the role the plucky, pesky herpes virus plays in the dreadful progress of Alzheimer’s disease – and how a cold sore cure […]

Weight-busting Worms.

9 December 2008 grant b 0

No, they don’t literally suck the fat from your waistline, but does show how roundworms are beating the battle of the bulge: A previously […]