Researchers reverse dementia.

8 June 2018 grant 0

Science Daily has (rather densely written) research showing how specific drugs could not only stop dementia but reverse its effects: A lack of knowledge about […]

Compassion pills.

20 March 2015 grant 0

Science Daily reports on UC Berkeley research into a chemical that makes you a nicer person: A new study by UC Berkeley and UC San […]

A blood test for autism.

26 March 2012 grant 0

MedicalXpress reports that Swedish and Iranian researchers might have identified a way to diagnose autism physically, by checking biomarkers in blood plasma: In the current […]

Eating for autism?

19 December 2011 grant b 1

CBC News is reporting that the University of Ontario has found a connection between autistic behavior and digestion: UWO researchers investigated the “gut-brain” connection after […]

Smell of fertility.

25 February 2011 grant b 0

It’s fairly well known that men react slightly differently to women when the women are ovulating. What the New York Times reveals is that men […]

Music makes us high.

18 January 2011 grant b 0

ArsTechnica explores the way music intoxicates us – with dopamine: To learn more about the music/brain/stimulation process, the McGill researchers followed subjects through the ‘chills’ […]

Oh. That smell.

30 July 2009 grant b 0

New Scientist reacquaints us with the smell of fear: Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, a cognitive neuroscientist at Stony Brook University in New York and colleagues collected sweat […]

Home-grown and then some.

22 April 2009 grant b 0

The FASEB Journal makes me uneasy with a new biochemical study. I’m beginning to worry that any minute now, government agents will be arresting my […]

Mushrooms and meaning.

3 July 2008 grant b 0

Johns Hopkins researchers are getting profoundly trippy, PhysOrg reports, in a research project that found psychedelic mushrooms can have long-lasting spiritual effects: “Most of the […]