Dinosaur incubators.

1 July 2010 grant b 0

Cold-blooded? Maybe. Warm-hearted? Definitely. Discover has the latest on how dinosaur moms used hot springs to keep the babies warm: In the Cretaceous period over […]

Mammoth blood lives again.

12 May 2010 grant b 0

Science magazine brings us a step closer to a Pleistocene Park by reporting on the creation of living mammoth blood: By inserting a 43,000-year-old woolly […]

Comets made us icy.

5 April 2010 grant b 0

Telegraph.co.uk reports on a new theory that hail from a comet’s tail caused a 1,000-year freeze: Thousands of chunks of material from the comet would […]

Snake eating dinosaurs.

3 March 2010 grant b 0

Not dinosaurs that eat snakes, Wired says, but snakes that paleontologists discovered eating dinosaurs: But in 2001, University of Michigan paleontologist Jeff Wilson, took a […]

Cute little dinosaurs.

1 March 2010 grant b 0

Discovery News has the sweetest report on tiny pterosaurs flitting about with songbirds: “I think that a group of small pterosaurs was feeding together near […]

Open Dinosaurs.

20 January 2010 grant b 1

You, yes YOU, dear reader, can be published as a paleontologist. That’s what Discovery News says about the Open Dinosaur Project, which is looking for […]

Our Antarctic Getaway

4 December 2009 grant b 0

New Scientist has a lovely brochure for a summer place down south – far, far south: The cool climate of Antarctica was a refuge for […]

T. rex: Just a big puppy?

3 November 2009 grant b 0

The Telegraph reveals new fossil evidence that one of history’s scariest dinosaurs engaged in play-fights: Geologist Dr Joe Peterson, of Northern Illinois University, said: “Jane […]

SONG: Up, Up, Upsub 1

27 September 2009 grant b 0

SONG: Up, Up, Upsub1 [Download] . ABSTRACT: So, I wrote that song about New Zealand’s not-so-mythical giant eagle, (Harpagornis moorei), but I wasn’t really satisfied […]

SONG: Up, Up, Up

23 September 2009 grant b 1

SONG: “Up, Up, Up.” [Download] (To download, double right click and “Save Target As…”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “Maori legend of man-eating bird is true”, from […]

Behold the roc!

15 September 2009 grant b 1

Or at least a very, very big, mythical bird… that turned out to be real: “It was certainly capable of swooping down and taking a […]