Tyrannosaur pregnant?

17 March 2016 grant 0

Washington Post has peeked as experts sexed a T. rex: The team from North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences […]

Wee rex. Awwww.

14 March 2016 grant 0

I stole the name from Reuters, but it was Joel Achenbach at Washington Post that first pointed me toward the news that they’ve found a […]

Fossilized nerves.

1 March 2016 grant 0

Washington Post reports on an impossible-seeming thing – a fossil that’s not just of hard tissue like teeth and bones (and shells), but that reveals […]

Dinosaurs walked in Scotland

2 December 2015 grant 0

National Geographic marvels at a huge number of very large footprints on the Scottish coast: The footprints form the largest dinosaur site ever found in […]