Science moves overseas.

30 September 2011 grant b 0

That’s the gist of this somewhat mournful piece in The Economist regarding America shuttering its largest particle accelerator: It already looks likely that the successor […]

Slow light.

14 July 2011 grant b 0

University of Glasgow physicists haven’t gone faster than the speed of light… but they have done something almost as remarkable. They’ve slowed light down to […]

Inside Fukushima

16 March 2011 grant b 0

Nature has a great look at what’s going on inside the Japanese nuclear reactor damaged by the tsunami: So, without emergency cooling, the temperature at […]

Nobel-winning goof-offs.

5 October 2010 grant b 0

In case you missed it this morning, NPR had a story about graphene, the single-atom-thin form of carbon that won its inventors a Nobel prize… […]