Sounds that should not be.

6 October 2008 grant b 0

The aptly-named NoiseAddicts online magazine delves into some unusual research as Norwegian acoustic scientists study violinist Mari Kimura, who’s able to play sounds that she […]

Large Hadron Rap

4 September 2008 grant b 0

Yes, the LHC is exciting. I own that. But is it *this* exciting? That’s a bunch of particle physicists (I think) dancing inside the LHC […]


27 August 2008 grant b 0

So, the BBC is talking about one of Nikola Tesla’s dreams (he of the AC current and the plasma ball) coming true in an Intel […]

Levitate me.

31 July 2008 grant b 0

Step back, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Telegraph reports on a new a levitation machine: Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of […]

Gators got a UFO.

15 July 2008 grant b 0

Discovery News has a weird little story about a weird little vehicle coming up out of the swamp. I suppose you could call it a […]