Sleep away your bad attitudes.

29 May 2015 grant 0

Science Daily covers a Northwestern University study that shows how to remove biases from your brain while you’re sleeping: Other researchers have documented many unsavory […]

SONG: Sleeping

23 January 2015 grant 0

SONG: “Sleeping.” [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Naps Help Infants Form Memories“, Laboratory Equipment, 14 January 2015, as used in the post “Naps make […]

Why… zombies?

2 January 2015 grant 0

Scientific American‘s Michael Shermer gets at the root of why we’re so fascinated with the walking dead: Zombies, for one thing, fit into the horror […]

Schizophrenia: many diseases in one

16 September 2014 grant 0

Daily Beast looks over Washington University research that’s found that the singular diagnosis of schizophrenia is actually a compound disease, caused by eight different genetic […]

SONG: “Colonies”

24 June 2014 grant 0

SONG: “Colonies.” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Bees build mental maps to get home”, Nature, 2 Jun […]