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Written By: grant on February 26, 2014 No Comment

DailyGalaxy.com shares the weird – an experiment that’s been proposed to tell for once and for all if classical physics can explain the universe, or if everything there is really depends on “spooky action at a distance” and the peculiar rules of quantum physics:

“It sounds creepy, but people realized that’s a logical possibility [...]

Written By: grant on October 1, 2013 No Comment

Says it all right there. You want to see inside the world’s largest particle accelerator? Street View will take you into the underground tunnels:

We’re delighted that CERN opened its doors to Google Maps Street View allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to take a peek into its laboratories, control centers and its myriad [...]

Written By: grant on September 22, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Beetle (ASIC)</i> by Sven Loechner

The Beetle (ASIC) is a chip designed for the Large Hadron Collider, the giant particle accelerator designed to recreate the Big Bang.

It’s part of the quark-detection equipment in an experiment called “Large Hadron Collider beauty.”

Written By: grant on August 29, 2013 No Comment

Space.com brings us hurtling into the future with the science of quantum thrusters… a real-life warp drive:

A warp-drive-enabled spacecraft would look like a football with two large rings fully encircling it. The rings would utilize an exotic form of matter to cause space-time to contract in front of and expand behind them. Harold [...]

Written By: grant on June 16, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Positron Discovery</i> by C.D. Anderson

That scratch going up the left half of the picture might look like an accidental blemish, but it’s actually the first trace of a positron (a fundamental unit of antimatter) ever recorded. That thick line across the middle is a lead barrier. The thing went through it from the bottom to the top, we [...]

Written By: grant on May 14, 2013 No Comment

Science Daily isn’t talking about fiberoptics. They’re looking at the latest breakthroughs that take the “electrons” out of “electronics” by using photons to process information:

Scientists from the Group of Philip Walther from the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna succeeded in prototyping a new and highly resource efficient model of a quantum computer — [...]

Written By: grant on April 1, 2013 No Comment

NPR asks the biggest question of all – the original question. Look around. Why is there something instead of nothing?:

The best answer we have at this point is that the Universe emerged spontaneously from a random quantum fluctuation in some sort of primordial quantum vacuum, the scientific equivalent of “nothing.” However, this quantum [...]

Written By: grant on March 27, 2013 No Comment

Scientific American crunches the numbers that show how the mass of the Higgs boson spells the end of the universe… eventually:

“If you use all the physics that we know now and you do what you think is a straightforward calculation, it is bad news,” says Joseph Lykken, a theorist who works at the [...]

Written By: grant on March 25, 2013 No Comment

New York Times has a pretty good profile of what could be the next big breakthrough in computing – the chips that understand “maybe”:

[A] powerful new type of computer that is about to be commercially deployed by a major American military contractor is taking computing into the strange, subatomic realm of quantum mechanics. [...]

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