Jordan: Techno-utopia.

7 August 2017 grant 0

Nature reports on Jordan’s new push to make itself into the future scientific powerhouse of the Middle East: Jordan’s leaders see science, engineering and technology […]

SONG: By Numbers

24 January 2017 grant 0

SONG: “By Numbers [Download] .” ARTIST: grant. SOURCE:Germany to probe Nazi-era medical science,” Science, 5 Jan 2017, as used in the post “Scientists start identifying […]

…or maybe not.

10 May 2016 grant 0

From the Facebook desk of archaeologist Katie Rask (seconded by others) comes the following correction: From the world renowned Maya specialist and Linda Schele Professor […]

Go ask Joe Palca a question.

3 May 2016 grant 0

Long-time science journalist Joe Palca (NPR, Science, Nature) will be answering questions at a Reddit AMA around 1pm today. If you’ve got a question you […]