SEA quiz: Who did what?

18 February 2011 grant b 0

Ganked shamelessly from the Scientists and Engineers for America newsletter: To celebration Black History Month, SEA staff has chosen five brilliant scientists and engineers for […]

Art as science.

3 January 2011 grant b 0

RISD president John Maeda, writing in Seed Magazine, makes the case for including art education in our quest for better science: Public commitments to STEM—science, […]

Physics from the Bronx.

9 November 2010 grant b 0

PhysicsWorld tries to get to the bottom of a curious question: Why did this inner-city high school produce seven Nobel laureates? The school, which opened […]


3 November 2010 grant b 0

Nature has an interactive map of the research capitals of tomorrow. It’s part of their “Science and the City” special. That is all. Go and […]

Garage science.

7 October 2010 grant b 0

Not like engineering better automatic doors. Like garage bands. Nature welcomes a generation of DIY researchers: Stories in the press are often peppered with sweeping […]

Oil research stalled.

24 June 2010 grant b 0

Nature gets a little rough with the sloppy White House response to the ongoing Gulf of Mexico mess: On 15 June, BP announced that it […]

Chinese science.

12 January 2010 grant b 0

Jonathan D. Moreno, writing in the Science Progress blog, takes note of the latest signs of the new Eastern superpower’s growth. China’s not just an […]

Hollywood, Meet Science.

21 November 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist thrills me with a new push to get the entertainment industry to understand science: The new effort, called the Science and Entertainment Exchange, […]