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Written By: grant on April 11, 2014 No Comment

The Verge explains how a Danger Mouse and The Shins’ James Mercer have joined forces to make some pretty good music… and to save us all from an epic, planet-destroying cataclysm:

…Broken Bells will donate $1 from every ticket sold for their upcoming tour to help protect its fans from asteroids. The band is looking to accomplish this by [...]

Written By: grant on April 3, 2014 No Comment

Laboratory Equipment (and a bunch of other folks online) is following the story of NASA severing ties with Russia… except for the Space Station:

NASA employees can’t travel to Russia or host visitors until further notice. They’re also barred from emailing or holding teleconferences with their Russian counterparts because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, according to a memo sent [...]

Written By: grant on March 19, 2014 No Comment

National Geographic is hosting a live chat tomorrow with some of the folks on the forefront of space exploration:

On March 20 at 2:30 p.m. ET, join us for a live video conversation with space architect Constance Adams, astronaut Piers Sellers, and planetary geologist Bethany Ehlmann. We’ll discuss our passion for space and what inspires us to keep [...]

Written By: grant on February 4, 2014 No Comment

The Independent covers the poignant final hours of China’s Jade Rabbit lunar rover as the rolling robot bids a sad farewell to the folks back home:

…Jade Rabbit – named after a mythological rabbit that lives on the Moon – has managed to write its own, sentimental farewell through China’s state-run news agency Xinhua:

“Although I should’ve gone to bed [...]

Written By: grant on January 21, 2014 No Comment

She’s European. And she’s making all kinds of friends on the Twitter:

ESA Rosetta Mission @ESA_Rosetta 4h
Labas, pasauli!
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ESA Rosetta Mission @ESA_Rosetta 4h
Bonjour, dinja!
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ESA Rosetta Mission @ESA_Rosetta 4h
Ahoj, sv?te!
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ESA Rosetta Mission @ESA_Rosetta 4h
I tried to remember [...]

Written By: grant on January 1, 2014 No Comment

Universe Today is showing off NASA snapshops of China’s Chang’e3 lunar lander and Yutu lunar rover:

According to School of Earth and Space Exploration professor Mark Robinson’s description on Arizona State University’s LROC blog:

The rover is only about 150 cm wide, yet it shows up in the NAC images for two reasons: the solar panels are very effective at [...]

Written By: grant on December 30, 2013 No Comment

SEN reveals the poetic way we’re planning to keep tomorrow’s satellites from turning into space junk:

In low orbits, there is still sufficient atmosphere to generate the needed drag thanks to the large sail size. Even with the sail, it could take up to 25 years for the satellite to reenter and disintegrate, but to deorbit in the same [...]

Written By: grant on December 19, 2013 No Comment

Reuters reports on an innovative response to a space helmet malfunction:

U.S. spacewalks have been suspended since July after a spacesuit helmet worn by Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano filled with water, causing him to nearly drown.

The underlying cause of the leak remains under investigation but engineers have learned enough to make modifications so the problem will not happen again, NASA [...]

Written By: grant on December 16, 2013 No Comment

Nature has reached the point where they’re worrying about how clean we can keep our ships and rovers, so they don’t track our chemicals all over the Red Planet’s pristine mud:

In 2011, for example, researchers who analysed images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft observed dark streaks a few metres wide that appeared and lengthened at the [...]

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