Life on Saturn’s moon.

10 February 2010 grant b 0

The Telegraph teases me with the promise of life on Enceladus: Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft flew through icy plumes created by ice volcanoes and detected negatively […]


7 February 2010 grant b 0

So much for that final night shot: low clouds over the launch site. So not only have the moon program and Ares rockets been shelved, […]

Last chance to see.

5 February 2010 grant b 0

On 4:39 Sunday morning, go out and turn to face Cape Canaveral. It’s your last chance to ever see a space shuttle launch. Last. Chance. […]

Ships on Titan.

5 February 2010 grant b 0

Well, this is a news item from before this week’s NASA budget came out. Think of it as a kind of desperate inspiration, perhaps, from […]

All they need is glove.

2 December 2009 grant b 0

Glove is all they need. NASA, that is, according to New Scientist. They’ve got somewhere to go, but aren’t all dressed up yet – not […]

Limpid moon.

14 November 2009 grant b 0

NASA inspires my hopes again. I’ll look up at the moon and know there’s water up there: “The full understanding of the LCROSS data may […]

The Robot Blimps of Mars

30 October 2009 grant b 0

Wired has me eager for interplanetary conquest with their look at our armada of airships and robotic rovers: With the miniature lab tests complete, [Wolfgang […]