Plasma drive. We have one.

5 October 2009 grant b 1

Or, really astronaut hero Franklin Chang-Diaz has one. Seed magazine has an interview with Dr. Chang-Diaz in which he describes how he’s using magnets and […]

Water on the Moon

25 September 2009 grant b 0 says we’re ready to set up shop on Luna, now that we’ve found reserves of water up there: While scientists continued to suspect that […]

One-way ticket to Mars.

17 September 2009 grant b 0

That’s the trick. That’s how this guy in South Africa’s Mail & Guardian (and elsewhere) says we’ll do it. We’ll be able to send people […]

Lights out for Ares?

24 July 2009 grant b 0

New Scientist’s “Short Sharp Science” blog is not very hopeful about the rocket that’s supposed to take us to Mars. Apparently, there was an oversight […]