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Written By: grant on March 20, 2014 No Comment

Nature reveals proof that elephants recognize individual humans – including the languages used who did them wrong:

Biologists Karen McComb and Graeme Shannon at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, guessed that African elephants (Loxodonta africana) might be able to listen to human speech and make use of what they heard. To tease out whether this was true, [...]

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Written By: grant on February 21, 2014 No Comment

Michael Hearst! Composer! Writer! Player of atypical instruments! Science fan!

You are compiling instrumentals based on wonderful animals, like the glass frog, the magnapinna squid, and, as performed below by The Kronos Quartet, the aye-aye:

You are a man of science, wonder and music.

The Guild salutes you!

Here’s more about him in his own words, talking about the [...]

Written By: grant on February 19, 2014 No Comment

Science magazine reaches out with new research showing that elephants don’t just mourn their dead, but also try to comfort those in anguish:

The study “is the first to investigate responses to distress by Asian elephants,” which “is inherently difficult to assess because one has to wait for opportunities to arise spontaneously,” says Shermin de Silva, a behavioral ecologist [...]

Written By: grant on February 10, 2014 No Comment

OK, that’s a little hyperbolic, but only a little. The Guardian has more on the last chimp “mega-culture” just found in the central African jungle:

Harboured by the remote and pristine forests in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and on the border of the Central African Republic, the chimps were completely unknown until recently – apart [...]

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Written By: grant on January 2, 2014 No Comment

I can’t even begin with this one. But yes, researchers at the Czech University of Agriculture have determined that dogs orient themselves to magnetic north when excreting:

We measured the direction of the body axis in 70 dogs of 37 breeds during defecation (1,893 observations) and urination (5,582 observations) over a two-year period. After complete sampling, we sorted the [...]

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Written By: grant on December 29, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Plate 721: Mus minor, Souris; Mus major, Rat</i> from … well, ostensibly <i>Description, vertus et usages de sept cents dix-neuf plantes…</i>,

Rodents, as appearing in a book of medicinal herbs (619 of them?) by Etienne-Francois Geoffroy and Francois Alexandre de Garsault.

Or so BioDiv Library would have us believe. Leafing through the pages of the botanical guide, all one can see are (as you might expect) plants. So where did these animals come from? Something from the same time [...]

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Written By: grant on December 3, 2013 No Comment

Nature gets the lowdown on the anatomical secret behind the koala’s deep, deep voice:

Benjamin Charlton, a biologist at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, wanted to know what gave these marsupial Barry Whites their rumbling bass voice. “The first time I heard a koala bellow, I was genuinely amazed that an animal this small could produce such [...]

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Written By: grant on November 24, 2013 No Comment
Science Art: <i>Topography of a Duck</i>, by Maynard F. Reece.

From the book Waterfowl in Iowa, by Jack W. Musgrove and Mary R. Musgrove, published by the Iowa State Conservation Commission.

I found this self-explanatory duck, marl to tail, on Scientific Illustration.

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Written By: grant on October 8, 2013 No Comment

BBC discusses the challenges faced by Rodrigo Souza, a man who’s dedicated himself to saving an endangered species – the lethal, heat-seeking venomous snake called the Atlantic bushmaster:

He’s been compared by the Brazilian media to Grizzly Man, the American environmentalist who lived among the grizzly bears of Alaska until one of them killed him. Grizzly Man’s life and [...]

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