Science Art: <i>Fig 2.1: Powder Rocket Projectile</i>, 1956. SONG: A Pseudo-Satellite Science Art: <i>Crabs</i> (figures 212-216, <i>Natuurlyke Historie</i>, page 256, 1782. Science Art: <i>Bole cross section of common hazel</i> (Corylus avellana), by Annika Karusion, 2011 Science Art: <i>Artist's concept of the fastest rotating star (VFTS 102)</i>, by NASA/ESA and G. Bacon (STScI). Science Art: <i>Title Page,</i> The Auk, <i>Vol. XXXI</i>, 1914.

Science Art: Fig 2.1: Powder Rocket Projectile, 1956.

This is one of the first illustrations in V. I. Feodosiev’s and G. B. Siniarev’s Introduction to Rocketry, an E…

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Science Art: Crabs (figures 212-216, Natuurlyke Historie, page 256, 1782.

A collection of crustaceans from a book by Amsterdam-based publisher Louis Renard on East Indian sea creatures….

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Science Art: Bole cross section of common hazel (Corylus avellana), by Annika Karusion, 2011

This is a microscope’s view of a plant’s stem, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as part of the Estonian Science Ph…

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Science Art: Artist's concept of the fastest rotating star (VFTS 102), by NASA/ESA and G. Bacon (STScI).

This is a star spinning at 2 million kilometers per hour – so fast, it has made itself into its own twirling s…

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Science Art: Title Page, The Auk, Vol. XXXI, 1914.

The American Ornithologists’ Union published a journal called The Auk in 1914, with articles in it like “A Plea…

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SONG: A Pseudo-Satellite

24 June 2022 grant 0

SONG: “A Pseudo;Satellite” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: CNN 5 May 2022, “This solar-powered plane could stay in the air for months,” as used in […]

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