Science Art: <i>The Furnaces of the World....</i>, 1912 SONG: Migration Roads Science Art: <i>Detaching Roll Mechanism</i>, 1912. Science Art: <i>Interior of right osseous labyrinth,</i> from <i>Gray's Anatomy</i>. Science Art: <i>Boars's tusk helmet NAMA6568</i>, Athens, Greece.

Science Art: The Furnaces of the World...., 1912

This is a Popular Mechanics illustration from 102 years ago that sounds like it could have been written today. …

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SONG: Migration Roads

SONG: “Migration Roads”. (available as .ogg here)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on LiveScience, 3 May 2024…

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Science Art: Interior of right osseous labyrinth, from Gray's Anatomy.

This is the listening part, the twisting bits of the inner ear. It really does look like a mollusk, doesn’t it?…

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Science Art: Boars's tusk helmet NAMA6568, Athens, Greece.

This is a photo taken in 2015 by Wikimedia Commons user Jebulon, of a helmet made for a Mycenaean warrior betwe…

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SONG: Migration Roads

23 June 2024 grant 0

SONG: “Migration Roads” [Download] . (available as .ogg here) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on LiveScience, 3 May 2024, “1st Americans came over in 4 different […]

A brand new tiny deer.

15 June 2024 grant 0

Awww. Sci News has reported on the historic discovery of a new deer species in Peru. The short-legged dwarf deer Pudella carlae is the first […]

A drug to regrow teeth.

4 June 2024 grant 0

Endgadget (via Yahoo! News) has bad news for the Tooth Fairy coming out of Kyoto University, where researchers have a drug for regrowing lost teeth […]

Biking for long life.

29 May 2024 grant 0

Did we just mention exercise slowing down time? NPR has a whole ‘noter story on muscular effort changing the progress of time. This is a […]