SONG: A World Without Us.


“A World Without Us” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant. I’m the guy who put this questionable site up on the internet for the world to see.

SOURCE: “An Earth Without People”, Scientific American, July 2007.

ABSTRACT: This article is an interview with science writer Alan Weisman, about his new book The World without Us, in which he speculates what would happen to the world if all humans spontaneously vanished at once. The article focuses specifically on New York City – an abandoned metropolis, turning gradually back to an idyllic island of hills and rivers. I liked the Omega Man/”By the Rivers of Babylon” feel of the thing, especially recontextualized as a song about a breakup. The music was easier than the lyrics, for some reason – I spent most of my month trying to get lines to scan and still have something to do with an abandoned, beautiful New York. In a perfect world, Stephin Merritt would be singing the words: “In the years since you and I left Central Park consumed by fire….” So here, this is the first song on this site. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. The first third of the book is fascinating. The discussion of New York city is great. The way man-made things fall apart is very good. The second two-thirds of the book just drags on and on. I don’t care how birds will make a comeback and repopulate the earth. I wanted to read more about the cities crumbling.

    I didn’t see the article/interview but if it covers New York, you may have already seen the high points and the book may not be worth reading. If you like birds, read the book, too.

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