I Want My UFO

Moller International, a company that’s been trying to market flying cars for a long while now, has finally made its breakthrough, reports LiveScience:

[I]t looks like flying saucer but it’s really a car-sized hovercraft intended to fly no higher than 10 feet.

Called the M200G from Moller International of Davis, CA, the craft is supported by the downdraft of eight small but powerful rotary engines.

Moller spokesman Bruce Calkins explained that the craft can carry a payload of 250 pounds and is stabilized by a computer system. The driver uses a joystick for steering and sets the desired altitude (detected with proximity radar) with a lever.

The 10-foot maximum altitude is constrained by the system’s computer—it could fly much higher but doing so would require a pilot’s license, Calkins explained.

I’m still waiting for the Moller Skycar to hit the mass market. Not that I could afford one, but still… just knowing they were up there.