Science Art: Compact Muon Solenoid of the Large Hadron Collider

CMS Detector, Geneva

This is how CERN is hoping to find the Higgs Boson.

At 40 feet long, it is the biggest superconducting solenoid ever made, costing $65 million, weighing about 485,000 pounds, and containing as much iron as the Eiffel Tower. From the outside it looks like a huge steel bullet protruding from the center of a steel cylinder some 50 feet tall, covered in cables and instruments and surrounded by scaffolding. “The magnetic field is immense; if they switched it on now and you had steel-capped shoes, you’d fly over there,” Barney says.

Photo ©CERN Geneva – with plenty more over here.

And for a special bonus link, check out the awesome MareNostrum Supercomputer of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, installed beautifully in the Chapel Torre Girona.

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