SONG: An Awful Lot of Empty


“An Awful Lot of Empty” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant. I’m the guy responsible for this questionable corner of the internet.

SOURCE: “Colossal void may spell trouble for cosmology”, New Scientist Space Blog, 29 August 2007, as mentioned in the post “There’s a hole…”.

ABSTRACT: This article was about the recent discovery of a vast void in the middle of the universe and its implications for the fractal view of cosmology – the idea that similar structures are repeated on small and large scales in the universe. Really, what the scientists were saying (as far as I could tell) was that matter tends to accumulate in clusters, but I took a little artistic license with the idea of nucleus-emptiness-shell, since you see that same structure in human bodies, living cells, ringed planets, solar systems and atoms. As you might be able to tell from the sleepiness of the vocals in the first verse, recording this nearly killed me – but a deadline’s a deadline. I’ve gotta get that Powerbook fixed or replaced or something before the next month is up! Anyway, I think the song’s pretty good (I especially like the accordion solo).