SONG: Jaekelopterus!


“Jaekelopterus!” [Download]
(To download: right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant. Dui, shi wo. (Oui, c’est moi.)

SOURCE:“Giant Claw Points to Monster Sea Scorpion”, New Scientist, 21 Nov 07, as mentioned in the post “BIG Bug,” 28 Nov 2007.

ABSTRACT: I suppose that if you were to tell people, “Hey, I’m putting together a website! It’s going to be all songs about SCIENCE!” then this is exactly the kind of thing they would expect to hear. It’s a skiffle-ish song with a ukulele and improvised percussion about the largest arthropod ever introducing itself to you and your friends and going out for Chinese food. There it is. I read about that huge freakin’ creature and thought, “Dude! Children’s song!” or something like that. And now, I find myself humming the chorus in the shower. Now to see if I can get this second, penitentiary song up before the month’s end….

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