Obama’s laser guns and medi-beams.

You might think that Wired is misguided when it publishes reports on our nation building tactical laser weapons and healing devices made from LEDs (the tiny lightbulbs in tiny flashlights and old car dashboards). But I say America is a land of hope and promise. I say, Yes, we can!:

Obama helped secure $1.95 Million for the so-called “Compact Tactical Laser” program…. Most of the leading laser weapon researchers now use light-emitting diodes (like the kind on your computer’s “on” switch) to “pump,” or add extra energy, into their laser systems.

Obama requested — by didn’t appear to get — $4.8 million for another light-emitting diode project. This one uses LEDs to heal. Strange as it may sound, military medicine specialists have known for years that the LEDs can play a role in healing wounds, building muscle, turning back the worst effects of diabetes and repairing blinded eyes.

The healing LED thing is elaborated upon here.