Science Art: “Australisk fauna,” Nordisk Familjebok Encyclopedia

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This is an image from an old Norwegian encyclopedia, the “Norwegian Familybook” published sometime from 1904 to 1926.

In Norwegian, the animals illustrated are:

1. Jättekänguru.
2. Klätterkänguru.
3. Pungvarg.
4. Näbbdjur.
5. Myrigelkott.
6. Nymf.
7. Nestorpapegoja.
8. Ugglepapegoja.
9. Paradisfågel.
10. Emu.
11. Kasuar.
12. Kivi (dvärgstruts).
13. Lyrfågel.
14. Talegalla-höns.
15. Kamödla.
16. Ceratodus Forsteri.
17. Hjälmprydd kakadora.

So now you know how to say “thyclacine,” “platypus” and “echidna” (numbers 3-5, in order) in Norwegian.

Found in a very special category on Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the Klätterkänguru isn’t a real animal. It seems like something book makers created to guard against copyright infringement.

    You know how map makers drop fake streets or locations on maps so that if someone copies the map, they can tell it was copied because what are the chances that two different map companies would have both created the fake town with such an improbable name of Sheboygan?

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