Drip. Drip. Drip.

29 April 2008 grant b 1

The BBC has us imagining that sound as New Zealand researchers thaw a colossal squid: “They’re incredibly rare – this is probably one of maybe […]

Flammable Ice

25 April 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist has a gas with the latest alternative energy source, flammable ice. …[I]t could be the world’s last great source of carbon-based fuel – […]

SONG: After the End.

23 April 2008 grant b 0

SONG: “After the End” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “Arctic ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault Opens”, Science Friday, 7 Mar 2008, as […]

Bebe Barron, R.I.P.

22 April 2008 grant b 0

Electronic music pioneer Bebe Barron has passed away. She’s best known for composing the score to Forbidden Planet with her husband, using living circuits – […]

A City Older than Moses.

21 April 2008 grant b 0

EurasiaNet reports on archaeologist Klaus Schmidt’s excavation of Gobekli Tepe, a 12,000-year-old city that could rewrite human history: “Everybody used to think only complex, hierarchical […]

A Lighter Shade of Wallpaper.

18 April 2008 grant b 0

TechRadar.com brightens our day with the story of a Dutch designer who has created illuminated wallpaper. Delving deeper, Samson revealed that the wallpaper is constructed […]

In the Spirit of Ham.

16 April 2008 grant b 0

BBC reports on a Russia’s new generation of space monkeys being trained for Mars: “People and monkeys have approximately identical sensitivity to small and large […]

Cellphone Planet.

15 April 2008 grant b 0

New York Times gives us a new (well, new-ish) perspective on cellular phones – as a revolutionary technology for eliminating global poverty.. or for making […]

The Boy-Crab Boogie.

14 April 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist rocks like a crustacean with a new report on crab courtship dances: In the dense submarine thickets of seagrass that blue crabs (Callinectes […]