The Dwarf Dinosaurs of Transylvania.

Discovery Channel reports on new proof supporting an eccentric, motorcycle-riding baron’s unusual fossil find – a previously unknown “island” of tiny dinosaurs in Dracula’s homeland:

The small Romanian dinosaur was apparently not a loner.

“Zalmoxes had in Transylvania select dinosaur company,” Codrea said. “All were dwarves.”

He explained that after the initial discovery on Nopsca’s estate, the baron set off on his motorcycle to excavate various parts of his homeland. Over the years he found bones belonging to multiple dwarfed species.

These included a sauropod named Magyarosaurus dacus, which looked like a tiny version of a brontosaurus or diplodocus, and the ankylosaur Strutiosaurus transilvanicus, whose body was covered by many tiny bones that formed a protective shield.

A duck-billed dinosaur called Telmatosaurus transylvanicus was also excavated in the area, along with several carnivorous dinos, such as Velociraptorinae indet, Euronychodon and Paronychodon.

I bet they sucked blood, too.

More images here.