Calling Doctor Manhattan….

PopSci answers the question everyone will be asking once they see The Watchmen preview and its blue-skinned nuclear superman: How worried should you be if you’re stuck inside the Large Hadron Collider when it goes off? It’d probably be as safe as a CAT scan, but:

If engineers were to lose control of the beam, however, watch out. The beam is only one millimeter wide, yet it contains 320 trillion protons moving just shy of the speed of light.

What would that do? Make a hole in you very quickly, and saturate the rest of you with all kinds of exciting new radioactive particles.

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  1. If I were Vince Mcmahon, I’d attempt an exhibition match between Dr. Manhattan and the Blue Man Group. Drop some tachyon beams in the cage before the match begins just to keep it fair and then let ’em go at it. Given just the right level of internal confusion, the Doctor may think he is fighting himself. If that happens, my money would be on the Blue Men. I think they have cards they have yet to show.

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