Clever Crows Make Chimps Chumps.

Scientists in New Zealand have distressing news for those of us who enjoy a drumstick now and again. As reported in New Scientist, they’ve found more evidence that birds are smarter than your average primate:

A choice morsel of food was placed in a horizontal Perspex tube, which also featured two round holes in the underside, with Perspex traps below.

For most of the tests, one of the holes was sealed, so the food could be dragged across it with a stick and out of the tube to be eaten. The other hole was left open, trapping the food if the crows moved it the wrong way.

A recent study of great apes found they could not transfer success at the trap-tube to success at the trap-table. The three crows could, however.

They’re very good at solving problems. They use tools. Give them hands, and who knows what they’ll do to us. You can read the published research here.