SONG: Build us a House (They Could See From Space)


“Build us a House (They Could See From Space).” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: “Ancient Peru pyramid spotted by satellite”, Discovery, via, 6 Oct 2008, as used in the post “Satellite Discovers Pyramid at Nazca.”

ABSTRACT: What started out as a song about that whole Ozymandias thing – building a pyramid that big that’s now so gone we need satellites to find it – turned into a song about the housing crisis, which is hitting a little closer to home than I’d like. They found remains of human sacrifices around the Nazca pyramid. The people who built it probably thought it’d be there forever. So it goes.

I was pleased with the recording process here; a guitar, a bass, some double tracking, a little mellotron, and that’s it. I would’ve liked to mess with the words some more to add something more explicitly Peruvian, but it would’ve taken a lot of work, a lot of time, and not been significantly enough different, I don’t think. It’s all in there anyway – patterns in the sand, sacrifices and stones. That’s about all we know about the Nazca anyway, isn’t it?

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