Future By Colani.

Here, something pretty for your Yule: How Luigi Colani designed the future.

A Colani-designed semi-trailer.

From steam trains to flying boats.

Spacecraft like ginger flowers and orange peels.

You can see more of Colani’s biodesign on his Swiss web site (warning: the main page launches a flurry of pop-ups) or the German one, or just read about him here or here.

from www.colani.ch:
“Whenever we talk about biodesign we should simply bear in mind just how amazingly superior a spider’s web is to any load-bearing structure man has made – and then derive from this insight that we should look to the superiority of nature for the solutions. If we want to tackle a new task in the studio, then it’s best to go outside first and look at what millenia-old answers there may already be to the problem.”