Hard Decision? Don’t think about it.

This seems natural to me, but also seems like the kind of thing that drives more literally minded thinkers out of their heads. A University of Rochester neuroscientist has just found that our unconscious minds make the optimum decision every time:

PhysOrg reports:
“We’ve been developing and strengthening this hypothesis for years—how the brain represents probability distributions,” says Pouget. “We knew the results of this kind of test fit perfectly with our ideas, but we had to devise a way to see the neurons in action. We wanted to see if, in fact, humans are really good decision makers after all, just not quite so good at doing it consciously. Kahneman explicitly told his subjects what the chances were, but we let people’s unconscious mind work it out. It’s weird, but people rarely make optimal decisions when they are told the percentages up front.”

Don’t just sleep on it – forget the decision ever existed. Then decide.