Love is… mosquitoes buzzing in harmony.

The BBC has video up of romancing mosquitoes creating their high, keening love songs:

Males and females each have their own characteristic flight tone – which they create by beating their wings.

But when scientists from Cornell University listened in on a male Aedes aegypti pursuing his mate, they were surprised to hear a new kind of “music” playing.

The amorous couple began to beat their wings together at a matching frequency – 1,200 hertz.

This love song is a “harmonic”, or multiple, of their individual frequencies – 400 Hz for the female and 600 Hz for the male.

What’s more, the high pitch hum exceeds the previously known upper limit for hearing in mosquitoes.

It was thought that females may even be deaf. But the Cornell scientists were able to show that their hearing range extends to 2,000 Hz.

Break out the synthesizers! I’m in the mood for love!