Barreleye, I can see inside your head.

If they could do this with cats, a million TV watchers would pay $1,000 each. MSNBC reports on a fish with a see-through head:

The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) is adapted for life in a pitch-black environment of the deep sea , where sunlight does not reach. They use their ultra-sensitive tubular eyes to search for the faint silhouettes of prey overhead.

Barreleyes are thought to eat small fishes and jellyfish. The green pigments in their eyes may filter out sunlight coming directly from the sea surface, helping the barreleye spot the bioluminescent glow of jellies or other animals directly overhead. When it spots prey (such as a drifting jelly), a barreleye rotates its eyes forward and swims upward, in feeding mode.

They filmed it with a robot sub. Then brought one up for a closer look. To see what lies behind their eyes.

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