My Bionic Eye.

BBC News tells the story of a blind man whose life has been changed by his bionic eye:

Ron, who has not revealed his surname, told the BBC: “For 30 years I’ve seen absolutely nothing at all, it’s all been black, but now light is coming through. Suddenly to be able to see light again is truly wonderful.

“I can actually sort out white socks, grey socks and black socks.”

“My one ambition at the moment is to be able to go out on a nice, clear evening and be able to pick up the moon.”

Ron’s wife Tracy is also hugely encouraged by the progress he has made.

How the bionic eye works.
She said: “He can do a lot more now than he could before, doing the washing, being able to tell white from a coloured item.

“I’ve taught him how to use the washing machine and away he goes. It’s just the ironing next.”

Every silver lining has its cloud, I suppose, but laundry for eyesight seems like a trade I could live with.