SONG: This is the Sound.


“This is the Sound” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: “Acoustic Black Hole Created in Bose-Einstein Condensate”, Technology Review, 10 June 2009, as used in the post “A SONIC BLACK HOLE!”

So, first off, the chorus to this was written intentionally – this song is not the sound of a sonic black hole, since a sonic black hole would be absolutely silent – no phonons (particles of sound) would escape. So this song is the sound of the sound of silence. I mean, I also like the simple repetition, but I thought it was important to point out that it was actually on purpose.

Of course, reading about researchers creating a black hole made of sound… there was no way not to do a song about that. Two weekends ago, I went to go see the physics-savvy Squeaky play (what might be) one of their last shows, and talked a little about this research, and there were crunchy guitars, and much saying of the word, “Dude,” and so, well, a big sprawling skull-bending post-punk song was what I was aiming at. There are only three chords, but the bassline keeps changing. Oh, and the tempo never changes either, although it sort of feels like it does for the massive bridge. Recording this took a long time, but it made me happy.

Next, a penitential cover that (I think) will be nothing like this.

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