Science Art: Aphis Wolf, from Webster’s New International

This is the aphis wolf, or aphid lion, or, in other words, either the larva of the much less-threateningly named ladybug or lacewing.

This particular one looks like it’s a lacewing, or Chrysoperia. But whether it grows up to be a cute little red beetle or a dainty green dragonfly-like bug, it’s a voracious eater of aphids. They run in fear from these guys. Lions. Wolves. Ladybirds. Lacewings.

Agents of terror. They sometimes decorate themselves with the dried bodies of their victims.

And that’s why farmers love them. Because they are HELL COME TO EARTH for plant pests.

Image from Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language, 1911, G & C Miriam Co. Springfield, MA, [found here.]