Electricity in my veins.

27 August 2009 grant b 0

Surgeons are readying their Frankenstein-style electrodes, NBC says, in preparation for building new blood vessels with the power (and shape) of lightning: The artificial organs […]

Art for health.

26 August 2009 grant b 0

PhysOrg brightens up the future of health care with the healing power of art: Nanda, who has a doctorate in architecture with a specialization in […]

Deadly plastic ocean.

25 August 2009 grant b 0

Discovery brings up the grim possibility that we’re all doomed to die in an invisible toxic wave: Patterns in ocean currents create conglomerations of swirling […]

Walk, don’t crawl.

24 August 2009 grant b 0

Scientific American resets my priorities (or at least my metaphors) with anthropological research. You think in order to walk, you gotta crawl first? Not really: […]

Song: Close Your Eyes

23 August 2009 grant b 0

SONG: “Close Your Eyes” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “Scary music is spookier with eyes shut “, New Scientist, […]

We found the seeds.

20 August 2009 grant b 0

Reuters carries the story of the first seed of life to be discovered on a comet: The latest findings add credence to the notion that […]

DNA evidence, made to order.

19 August 2009 grant b 0

New York Times brings up the unsettling possibility that future biochemically savvy crooks will be capable of fudging DNA evidence: The scientists fabricated blood and […]

Smell of death.

18 August 2009 grant b 0

Science Daily is hard boiled. As hard boiled as death. And death, they say, has a smell all its own: Speaking at the 238th National […]