Every circle is alive.

This sounds awfully New Agey for Yale, but apparently, physicists there have discovered that metal circles have a tiny amount of persistent energy flowing through them eternally:

The counterintuitive current is the result of a quantum mechanical effect that influences how electrons travel through metals, and arises from the same kind of motion that allows the electrons inside an atom to orbit the nucleus forever. “These are ordinary, non-superconducting metal rings, which we typically think of as resistors,” Harris said. “Yet these currents will flow forever, even in the absence of an applied voltage.”

Although persistent current was first theorized decades ago, it is so faint and sensitive to its environment that physicists were unable to accurately measure it until now. It is not possible to measure the current with a traditional ammeter because it only flows within the tiny metal rings, which are about the same size as the wires used on computer chips.

No plugs. No batteries. Just the size and shape.

Next thing you know, they’ll be hooking voltmeters up to pyramids… just in case.