Batteries for solar homes.

Over at VentureBeat’s “GreenBeat” section, they’ve got a profile of a promising new Panasonic project, building batteries powerful enough to run your average suburban home for a week:

This is significant for two reasons. First, if home batteries like this one become commonplace, renewable sources of energy like rooftop solar and residential turbines could finally take off. The biggest roadblock to their adoption is that they are intermittent; reliable storage is needed to make them effective. Second, if affordable storage is achieved on the home-level, there might be less need for grid-scale storage, which is pricier and harder to accomplish.

The announcement is hastened by Panasonic’s acquisition of a more than 50 percent stake in Sanyo, making the company a battery manufacturing powerhouse that could trounce almost everyone else in the market….

Tomorrow’s looking just a little brighter now.