A GoST steampunk cameo.

29 January 2010 grant b 0

I’ve just received word that the Guild of Scientific Troubadours has a brief walk-in part in the latest novel being drafted by this fine author. […]

Frame the deviance.

25 January 2010 grant b 0

Neurologists get Sonic Youth. That’s what I think after reading Jonah Lehrer’s ScienceBlogs entry about the way music works in the brain: The experiment was […]

No song today…

24 January 2010 grant b 0

Between playing on Wednesday and moving into a new house, there hasn’t been any time for writing and recording – so the 23rd will go […]

Sperm of a feather…

22 January 2010 grant b 0

NPR takes a look at the scrum that happens when sperm team up to reach their ultimate goal: Fisher wondered whether sperm from two different […]

Substitute blood.

21 January 2010 grant b 0

Perfect for androids or pacifist vampires… maybe. But Science Daily says artificial blood could save plenty of ordinary human lives: The reason for this failure, […]

Open Dinosaurs.

20 January 2010 grant b 1

You, yes YOU, dear reader, can be published as a paleontologist. That’s what Discovery News says about the Open Dinosaur Project, which is looking for […]

Tying light in knots

19 January 2010 grant b 0

Science Daily bends my head with their report on scientists who’ve tied lasers into knots: Optical vortices can be created with holograms which direct the […]