A moment of silence for NASA?

ScienceBlogs (and the Orlando Sentinel) are not sounding very pleased about Obama’s proposed budget for NASA:

As a final frying pan upside the head, you might require that NASA maintain the most expensive and least useful boondoggle of manned spaceflight – the International Space Station. You might do so even knowing that shortly the Space Shuttle program is being phased out and can only launch a few more times – three, currently. You’d make sure the only way to reach the ISS was through the good graces and launch capabilities of our close geopolitical allies the Russians, with a vague possibility of contracting private launches at some point in the future, presumably when such private launch capability exists. It currently doesn’t.

Well, I hope you enjoyed NASA while it lasted because this ain’t hypothetical. It’s Obama’s forthcoming NASA budget.

I’m withholding judgement until I see what SpaceShip Two can do.