“WHAT did you just pick up?”

BBC shares the cute story of the discovery of what could be our greatest grandparents, the oldest members of the genus Homo:

The site was found by the team thanks to the “virtual globe” software Google Earth, which allowed the group to map and visualise the most promising fossil grounds in the World Heritage Site.

The first discovery of A. sediba remains was made in August 2008. The very first bone was picked up by Professor Berger’s nine-year-old son, Matthew.

“I turned the rock over and I saw the clavicle sticking out – that’s the collar bone. I didn’t know what it was at first; I thought it was just an antelope,” the youngster told BBC News.

“So I called my dad over and about five metres away he started swearing, and I was like ‘what did I do wrong?’ and he’s like, ‘nothing, nothing – you found a hominid’.”