SONG: Golden Record


“Golden Record” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Partially based on “Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft”, Daily Telegraph, 12 May 10, as used in the post I**AM**V-GER***, and partially based on “Barnard’s Star” by Kate Horowitz.

ABSTRACT: I felt a sort of relief writing this one, because I wasn’t trying to *do* anything – no experiments with delay, no pastiches of Steve Miller, no cleverness, just a melody that came to me over a simple chord progression. OK, so the percussion is kinda experimental, and there are some lyrics where I was trying to be a little clever, maybe. But still.

It’s hard to read about the Voyager probe – and Ann Druyan’s brainwaves-in-love donation to the golden record – and not want there to be a song about it. If aliens did take over Voyager and beam a message back to Earth, I think it’d probably be something like this song – it’s so nice you didn’t want us to feel alone.

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