Look happy, feel happy.

It’s not just about paralyzing your face to make you look younger. Not too long ago, Indiana University revealed that Botox really does make people happier:

Here’s David Havas, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He helped uncover an interesting possible effect of Botox in a recent study:

“There were 40 participants. They were all patients who were scheduled to receive Botox injections in the corrugator muscle, that is the frown muscle between the eyes at the eyebrows. They were all women, and we recruited them at local cosmetic surgery clinics.

They read these sentences one at a time on the computer screen, both just prior to injection and then two weeks later.”

The researchers found that paralyzing the muscle that’s needed to express sadness or anger led to slower comprehension of sentences that described sad or angry situations.