Science Art: 5 of Wands – Fusion, by Janelle Schneider (from Science Tarot).

I’m a tarot enthusiast. I take the same approach to the cards as do the folks behind this deck – as a good way to create meaningful stories about your life (which is a good way to discover the secrets you keep from yourself). So of course I think the Science Tarot is a fine idea.

Three creators. Five artists for five stories (four suits and the major arcana). Symbolic neurotransmitters for the face cards. They even throw in a little Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey stuff to make the suits fit together nicely. I love the wands as Bunsen burners….

Each of the people involved in the creation of these seems to be involved in other fascinating stuff, too – paramecium-shaped gardens, molecular jewelry and naturally, science music.

[via Liminal Nation, which caught wind of it through Ben “Bad Science” Goldacre]