Science Art: IMAGE_7222, EarthKAM Spring 2010 Mission.

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This is what a chunk of Northwest Australia looks like from the International Space Station.

It was created as part of the EarthKAM project, “Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students.” Which should really be EarthKAMSS, but whatever.

The project grew out of Sally Ride’s “KidSat,” a (FREE!) camera that could be aimed by classrooms who wanted to photograph specific locations from space.

I can’t really see too many details about how this particular photo came to be made, other than the time, location and the school requesting it:

Time Taken (GMT) 2010/119/22:51:30
Source ESC
Orbit 1587
Looking Direction -90.05
Pitch 0.00
Roll 0.00
Yaw 0.00
Camera Bracket Angle 2.00
Point Vector 2.00@-90.05
Nadir Latitude -22.28
Nadir Longitude 116.27
Center Latitude -22.28
Center Longitude 116.27
Corner 1 Latitude -22.03
Corner 1 Longitude 116.57
Corner 2 Latitude -22.03
Corner 2 Longitude 116.22
Corner 3 Latitude -22.52
Corner 3 Longitude 116.22
Corner 4 Latitude -22.52
Corner 4 Longitude 116.57
Lens 180.00
Altitude 350
Frame Width (KM) 53.93
Frame Height (KM) 36.07
Location NW Australia
School parkview