Conservative amygdalas are concerned.

30 December 2010 grant b 0

The Telegraph reports on new brain studies that find a difference between “liberal” brains and “conservative” brains, equating the old-ways-are-best mindset with larger anxiety-processing areas: […]

SONG: Planet of Diamonds

23 December 2010 grant b 0

SONG: “Planet of Diamonds” [Download] . (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Scientists Discover the First Carbon-Rich Planet – […]

Invisible squid

22 December 2010 grant b 0

Science News spreads the news of an underwater arms race. Sonar specialist T. Aran Mooney of Woods Hole has discovered that squid are invisible to […]

Ecstasy for autism.

20 December 2010 grant b 0

PsychCentral is turning on to the real, measurable benefits that the clubbiest of club drugs has on schizophrenia, autism and other disorders: Some scientists believe […]

Planet of diamonds

17 December 2010 grant b 1

Hyperspace professional Michio Kaku, writing in the BigThink blog, is thinking big about the most precious world in the universe: The planet, called WASP-12b was […]

Sing for space

17 December 2010 grant b 0

NASA wants a few good space songs. Really. Just like this site, only, you know, on a much bigger scale (with a slightly narrower focus). […]

Hobbit-eating storks.

16 December 2010 grant b 0

I bet they tasted better than babies. Discovery explores the frankly terrifying implications of a new fossil discovery: Named Leptoptilos robustus, this newly discovered stork […]