Arctic submarines.

28 February 2011 grant b 0

The US Navy, Nature reports, is taking some time out to give scientists a look at what goes on beneath the Arctic Circle: Nature talked […]

Smell of fertility.

25 February 2011 grant b 0

It’s fairly well known that men react slightly differently to women when the women are ovulating. What the New York Times reveals is that men […]

SONG: Answering the Call

23 February 2011 grant b 0

SONG: “Answering the Call.” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on Koalas bellow to attract a mate, BBC News, […]

Go out and play.

22 February 2011 grant b 0

Researchers are rallying – literally – in defense of goofing off. Too much structure is hurting our children, say scientists in The Chronicle of Higher […]

SEA quiz: Who did what?

18 February 2011 grant b 0

Ganked shamelessly from the Scientists and Engineers for America newsletter: To celebration Black History Month, SEA staff has chosen five brilliant scientists and engineers for […]

Our atomic noses.

16 February 2011 grant b 0

Normally, when we think of the way we smell things, we think of the molecules of a smelly substance – like a rose or a […]

Psychology of awkwardness.

15 February 2011 grant b 0

RSA Animate presents Steven Pinker’s frank lecture on euphemism, called “Language as a window to human nature”: [via Inland Empire]

Learning magnets.

14 February 2011 grant b 0

PhysOrg makes me fight an overwhelming urge to start raving about “thinking caps” and “memory machines” with their look at how transcranial magnetic stimulation can […]

Sleeping beneath the ice.

10 February 2011 grant b 1

Reuters reports on a Russian mission to reach an oxygen-rich lake that’s been untouched for 15 million years: “It’s minus 40 (Celsius) outside,” [Alex] Turkeyev […]